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SimAer is a company that offer solutions to optimize training time and improve the understanding of aviation. From our real-time Dynamic System Schematics to any type of FSTD that you need for your organization we are your best choice. We aim to replicate the most realistic flight environment with a cost effective solution for your organization.

Dynamic System Schematics

Need a better understanding of what is happening system-wise?

We have developed "Dynamic System Schematics" that connects to your preferred FSTD so you can review in real time with a friendly UI all aircraft system schematics, leraning a new aircraft system has never been so easy!

  • Touch Interface
  • Network client connection
  • Automatic aircraft detection
  • Responsive UI
  • Tested by real pilots
  • Constant improvements

CRM & TEM Case Study

Whether you have a group of pilots to familiarize with new aircraft, or want to revise policies and procedures, review CRM cases in a full flight deck enviroment, create or test new materials and tools, a better work environment, or a specific training program, we have a wide array of options for you, please contact us and we will begin working together to achieve your goal.

Aviation history shows that the most important resource in an aircraft is the crew, that's why we offer you the opportunity to study Crew Resource Management and Threat and Error Management cases. We will provide the perfect flight deck environment for you to recreate every aspect that you need, from historical weather data to aircraft failures and ground navigation aids malfunctions, all this will challenge your crews and will provide you the most accurate data about human behaivor in the flight deck during high workload conditions

  • Flight Data Analisys
  • Up-to-date navigation database
  • Custom scenarios
  • EFB integration with GPS position interface
  • Session Video Recording
  • Custom navigation databases for procedure testing

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Our services

SimAer offers a wide variety of products and services focused in aviation, from our FSTD's, to custom software solutions, navigation data base procedure testing and validation, CAA Certification and much more!

Simulator Integration

Your current simulator does not perform as expected? We can help to make it work!

Custom Software

We can develop custom software that you need for your organization, ask us, and we will provide it!

Rental/Long Term Leasing

Ask us about our FSTD options for Rental/Long Term Leasing.

Virtual Reality Solutions (VRST)

We have developed several rotary wing and fixed wing VR solutions, ask us, we can help you with your project.

CAA Certification Services

Out team of experts can manage any certification process with your local CAA. We are familiar with both FAA and EASA.

Training Optimization

Manage training costs effectively, we can help your organization to optimize training time and resources.

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  • Phone : +507 6282 3784
  • Email : info@simaer.aero
  • Location Financial Park, Office 21D, Costa Del Este, Panama City

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